To Whom It May Concern:

As a novice first time buyer, I relied on Captain Ian Engelbrecht's expert knowledge during the inspection trip to Durban to conduct a thorough test sail and survey of a 34' Prout catamaran and help me to make an informed decision by highlighting all the issues.

Despite several delays caused by faulty installations of technical equipment arranged remotely with the agent, Ian managed to sort out all the issues upon his arrival in Durban and delivered the cat quickly and successfully with Ibi to Gordons Bay while providing constant updates to me in the UK.

Over the course of a 4 month period Ian conducted a major refit of all the cat's systems; including the installation of the latest electronic navigational devices (chartplotter, radar and sonar), redesigned and replaced the entire battery and solar power supply system, completed all the outstanding marine plumbing and safety equipment, fitted new custom sails and interior furnishings. Throughout this period Ian demonstrated exceptional professionalism, technical knowledge and perseverance to problem solve the many existing issues, complete the long list of items and maintain excellent communications on the works list, costs and progress updates.

After the completion of the above works Ian kindly took us on a 6 day return trip around Cape Point to Club Mykonos in Langebaan lagoon for a thorough test of the cat and demonstration of all the new systems which worked superbly in a variety of conditions while making the journey a great learning experience for all of us.

We can recommend Captain Ian Engelbrecht very highly as an expert delivery skipper, surveyor and end-to-end project manager and would like to congratulate him on the amazing job he has done
to transform our semi-completed "faulty towers" cat into a fully functioning and efficient offshore yacht!

Many Thanks
Ivan Saayman & family

Thanks Ian.

This is the second delivery you have done for our Lagoon 39. Like the first delivery your meticulous planning and attention to choosing a safe passage enabled your bringing our boat back to Cape Town in pristine condition.

I have no hesitation in recommending your delivery skills to others or using your services again sometime in the future. It has always been a pleasure dealing with you.

Go well.



Dear Ian

On behalf of my brothers and the owners of the Nautitech 82, I will take this opportunity to thank you again on a job well done and have taken the liberty to write the following recommendations that you could use as you see fit.

To Whom It May Concern

We contracted Captain Ian Engelbrecht of Worldwide Yacht Deliveries to deliver our Nautitech 82 power catamaran from South Africa to Turkey. At no extra charge Ian surveyed the vessel in Cape Town and executed repair work on the vessel to make it safe for the voyage. Despite bad weather enroute Ian and his crew diligently ensured the safety of the vessel and the success of the delivery. The vessel arrived in Turkey in good condition and Ian and his crew spent three days on a cleanup to ensure that the vessel was looking and smelling good.

We will certainly utilise the services of Worldwide Yacht Deliveries again and have no hesitation in recommending Ian Engelbrecht as a first choice delivery captain.

Daniel Benchetrit

Professional Recommendation: Ian Engelbrecht / Worldwide Yacht Deliveries
We commissioned Captain Ian Engelbrecht to deliver a Lagoon 440 Catamaran from Martinique in the Caribbean to Mauritius, a journey of some 9000 NM primarily into the weather in winter, and a vessel which we had purchased through a Lagoon agent, sight unseen.
Whilst this journey would be a long and daunting task in its own right, Ian and his crew were thrown what seemed like an endless onslaught of curve balls at every step of the way, summarized as follows:
1.     The seller had advised us that there was a mooring available for the boat to use when we took delivery in Martinique, so that we could check it over before departing, and we were also assured that the boat had been dived and was all ok.
2.     Immediately upon arrival Ian was told that there was in fact no mooring available and they had to get off the mooring immediately, but given the journey ahead was into bad weather, Ian being a professional had the boat dived himself, and discovered that there was a minor bit of undisclosed hull damage that needed attending to immediately otherwise it would worsen on the journey. So just 24 hours after arriving and being told there was no mooring available, a quick plan had to be made to take the vessel to St. Lucia and repair the hull on the dry dock – once there it also made sense to re-do the anti-fouling, which was done over Easter with delay after delay.
3.     The next leg saw Ian sail down to Brazil in what was meant to be the roughest part of the trip, and on arrival in Brazil there was maintenance which also needed to be dealt with on site without notice. Ian came through in every way and made it happen.
4.     By this point it was winter in the Southern Atlantic, and the plan was to sail across to St. Helena and then across to Cape Town. This leg of the journey was into massive seas that could very easily have taken the lives of lesser sailors and indeed lesser vessels, in fact other boats we knew of in the area at the time were also seeking safe harbour from the weather at Ascension Island.
An example of the type of status update Ian provided:
“It is one thing to sail downwind on a gentle North Atlantic high pressure but quite another to tackle the South Atlantic and into the weather and in winter. Having said that these continual gales so far north are unusual. Unprecedented in my experience. Having no barometer on board it was difficult to understand the systems in place but I know there was a very strong, dominant high pressure in place. This though would not have presented such winds and seas so there must have been a strong low re-enforcing the high and to be so persistent it must have been a cut-off low. These kinds of seas can be expected in the more southern parts on approach to South Africa but these seas stretched right across the Atlantic. It was a catch 22 situation as also the SE winds veered north of St. Helena and backed west of it so we could never find an angle. Waves had huge fetch so built up to 8 metres. Wind speeds ran between 34 and 40 knots which I must say would be lessor than the southern parts but still huge weather as we all know and we were into. The ship reported very rough seas for example which is a nautical term for strong gale - 40 to 45 knots. Gale ends at 39 then onto strong gale. On turning to abort we did 7.5 knots boat speed with no sails up bare poling.”
5.     After a battle lasting longer than hoped, Ian finally arrived in Cape Town safely with the vessel intact where he undertook an exhaustive array of maintenance tasks on the boat to make sure it was in perfect condition for the last leg, with each item itemized for me to approve, project managing everything and keeping us updated every step of the way. Also in Cape Town Ian helped me facilitate various formalities we were undertaking in regards to re-registering the boat, such as getting the surveyor on board and supervising the new markings being affixed etc.
6.     The next leg of the journey was to Gordon’s Bay, then Durban. The Gordon’s Bay to Durban leg was done in one strike of just 4 days, which we thought was exceptionally quick.
7.     In Durban Ian arranged for a sail to be replaced before setting off on the final leg to Mauritius, also into bad weather with things being particularly rough south of Madagascar.
8.     Finally after many months at sea, Ian arrived in Port Louis safe and sound, where we finally saw our boat for the first time under a clear blue sky – looking at it one would never imagine that it had just been through the ordeal it had been through, because it looked like new
I can honestly say that if it hadn’t been for Ian’s professionalism, experience and character, this delivery could (and almost definitely would) have ended in disaster.
I consider Ian to be absolutely reliable and true to his word. If he says he will do it, it will be done, and for all of these reasons I highly recommend Ian Engelbrecht and Worldwide Yacht Deliveries to anyone in need of a delivery skipper for a yacht delivery to or from anywhere in the world.

Yours Faithfully,
A & J Nicholas

Many thanks to you Captain Ian  for delivering our new Lagoon 39 catamaran from Les Sables, France to Cape Town in such excellent condition despite such severe weather conditions encountered. With so much bad weather around I requested that you take no chances with either yourselves or the boat; thanks for heeding that despite it being disadvantageous to you both timewise and financially. Certainly you have happy customers in myself and my family and we have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

Thanks once again for a  job well done!

Best Regards

Wayne Mackintosh and family

To Whom It May Concern

Captain Ian Engelbrecht and WORLDWIDE YACHT DELIVERIES has for the second time done a very successful delivery for our company Maputo Yachting. Sanjeeda, the vessel delivered, is the largest double masted Dhow in the Indian Ocean with her 138 tons and 107 feet in length; she is a very impressive and very special lady. The delivery from Pemba in the north of Mozambique down to Maputo in the South is a challenging delivery of 950NM. Captain Engelbrecht arrived after only six days and the ship was in top condition. Congratulations Ian, we give you our best recommendations!
Maputo 01.07.13
Wilhelm Dahl
Maputo Yachting

Hi Ian

I would like to express my appreciation  to you and your first mate for the professional manner in which you delivered my Jaguar 36 yacht Angelis from Cape Town to Richards Bay. I also want to thank you for the taking upon yourself to repair the VHF radio and stopcocks.  I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to see that she looked in a lot better condition than when she was handed over to you in Cape Town despite heavy going on route.

I was also impressed that you kept in constant contact with me, advising me of your whereabouts and sailing conditions. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone that would like to have boat delivered.

Thanks for allowing Frans and myself to sail the last leg with you from Durban to Richards Bay. It was most enjoyable to sail with someone with your immense experience.

Best Regards

Clinton Swaffield

To Whom It May Concern

Captain Ian Engelbrecht was contracted to deliver our Leopard 46 from the Seychelles to Mauritius and arrived in Mauritius on the 12th July 2012 after a very challenging ten days at sea.

He had to cope with atrocious weather conditions during the delivery which took much longer than planned. Notwithstanding this he remained on board on arrival in Mauritius and handed the boat over in immaculate condition. He certainly went the "Extra Mile" to ensure that we, the owners, were completely satisfied with the condition of the boat on arrival.

Ian and his crew "Ibi" were extremely professional in every respect and can be highly recommended based on our experience.

Peter Bacon

For Cajesa Cruises CC

18 July 2012

Maputo, Mozambique 03/01/2012

WORLDWIDE YACHT DELIVERIES represented by Captain Ian Engelbrecht has one more time done a successful delivery from Europe to South Africa.

We were recommended to contact Captain Ian Engelbrecht from the head office of Lagoon in France since we bought a brand new Lagoon 450 sailing catamaran from Bordeaux in 2011. Agreement with Captain Engelbrecht was done very quickly by phone and email and in less than one hour.
Good and cheap flight tickets to Europe were organized and prepaid by WORLDWIDE YACHT DELIVERIES.

During the whole travel we were frequently updated on the situation via SMS messages, emails and on satellite phone.

Seven weeks after leaving Europe and two times of crossing the Atlantic Ocean we received the boat in top condition in Cape Town. The stainless steal was shining, the deck was super clean and inside everything was prepared like a 5 star hotel.

We are clearly very impressed and extremely satisfied by the delivery done by Captain Ian Engelbrecht and his team. It is for us a pleasure to give WORLDWIDE YACHT DELIVERIES our best recommendations.

Wilhelm Dahl
Managing Director

Donovin Cronning

Subject : Delivery of an ex charter Yacht - Wind of Change

To Whom it may concern

Captain Ian Engelbrecht of Worldwide Yacht Deliveries undertook the delivery voyage of my 38ft Lagoon catamaran from the Caribbean to Cape Town (South Africa).

The service included a full delivery service and Ian and his crew undertook to meet with the charter company and accept the vessel from them on my behalf – this is always a difficult task and Ian went beyond what was expected and ensured that the owner received the best  possible vessel from the charter company. The vessel was made ready for the long intercontinental voyage by Ian and his crew with a great deal of professionalism and without any complaints from them during the trying times.

The voyage had a number of setbacks (which were out of Ian’s control)  all of  which were dealt with by Ian within the call of duty and with no fuss – as the owner I always felt that we had made the best decision for the circumstances at hand  and that the vessel was in the best possible hands.

The vessel arrived in Cape town in October 2010. It should be stated that Ian and his crew put in an enormous amount of effort to ensure that the vessel was handed to me in really good condition.

Ian Engelbrecht gave me professional service beyond expectations and I would not hesitate  to recommend him/Worldwide Yacht Deliveries for any task of this nature at any time.


Donovin Cronning


Ian Engelbrecht has delivered two Robertson And Caine Leopard 38ft catamarans from Cape Town SA to Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas for this company. On both occasions the vessels were delivered on time and in excellent condition. Ian has proven himself to be thoroughly professional. In the last three years we have had twelve boats delivered from Cape Town. The two vessels delivered by Ian and his crew were thoroughly documented and in the best condition on arrival. I have no hesitation in recommending Ian to any prospective employer.

If you require any further information, please contact me at your convenience.


Alistair McDonald
Yacht Operations Manager
The Moorings, Bahamas

To whom it may concern,

Ian recently delivered my boat a fifty foot Beneteau from ST LUCIA CARIBBEAN to CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA arriving in January 2010. Having never met him I relied totally on the advice of mutual friends who advised me that he was the best delivery skipper in the country.

He has performed his contract beyond all reasonable expectations. He performed not only as delivery skipper, but prior to leaving St Lucia and undertaking the delivery, also as a project manager supervising workers fixing remedial problems discovered shortly before he took off. These were extensive. Not once was the problem of excessive time taken to complete repairs mentioned (three weeks). The attitude shown has always been that he had a contract and it would be completed, come hell or high water.

The boat was handed back to me in better condition than I have ever seen it. This was after six weeks crossing the Atlantic. I can not recommend him highly enough.

Should anyone like to give me a call for a personal reference please don't hesitate to call me.

Clinton Markram
12 July, 2011.

Hi Ian.

I felt I must write to you to thank you for delivering my Lagoon 400 from France to South Africa. It was a long trip and I must compliment your maturity and patience. To go through the storms as per your video – 12 mt swells etc and arrive in Cape Town with nothing at all damaged and the cat in 100% condition.

Also thanks for doing the handover in Les Sables from Lagoon.

When you arrived in CT I wanted to come onto the cat – but you said you needed 3 days to make it “shining” – which it was on handover to me. It has been a great experience for me dealing with you and if anyone needs to get hold of me for future deliveries they can mail me.

Thanks again for a safe hassle free delivery.

Neville Dorrington.

To whom it may concern

Ian Engelbrecht delivered our new Wildcat from Durban to Harbour Island, Gordon's Bay.

His knowledge and professionalism ensured us an incident free, excellent sail under potentially unfavorable weather conditions. His choice and knowledge of weather conditions, their duration and intensity allowed us to sail in near perfect conditions and still make our deadline.

Ian was at all times thoroughly professional.

We would not hesitate to have him assist us on any future deliveries or to recommend him to any prospective employer.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

Andre and Alison Stroebel

Mr. Ian Engelbrecht
South Africa

My dear Ian

This is a note of appreciation for the prompt and efficient job you and your team did in delivering my new Wildcat "Zulu" from Durban in South Africa to Goa in India.

Despite a new route and weather which was not favourable, you completed the delivery well within time and cost parameters and got the boat to India in excellent condition.

I look forward to dealing with you again not only professionally, because of your competence, but also otherwise, because I think you are a warm and positive person, apart from an excellent sailor. Good luck and keep in touch.

Yours sincerely

Dhruv S. Kaji

To Whom It May Concern:

Ian Engelbrecht is a very well-informed and a competent blue water captain. Ian sailed and navigated my Charter Cat, Jaguar 36 "MiKat" from Durban, South Africa to Clearwater, Florida. I personally observed his seamanship from Saint Lucia to Clearwater, a distance of some 2000 miles.

His knowledge of charts, his attention to precise navigation and his dedication to boat systems, care and safety highlight his professionalism. More enjoyable was his willingness to pass on knowledge. Ian’s vast knowledge was presented as he took time to explain but also allow hands on operation of water, electric, hydraulic, navigation, radar, and engine systems.

MiKat’s sail plans were also fully exercised when opportunities occurred. He gave explanations of the use and shortcoming of each plan under the varying conditions for which we sailed. He also was very informative and provided general seamanship and blue water cruising knowledge at ever request.

I highly recommend Ian Engelbrecht as a delivery captain.


Charles E. Rowell

To Worldwide Yacht Deliveries,

This letter is written in regards to the delivery of our 44 foot St. Francis catamaran from St. Francis Bay, South Africa to Norfolk Virginia, USA by Captain Ian Engelbrecht. The delivery took place between June 2006 and August 2006.

Captain Engelbrecht’s services met our expectations and in some cases exceeded them. The catamaran was very clean upon delivery. The wear and tear on the vessel was minimal and Captain Engelbrecht took great care to protect all interior/exterior areas.

Captain Engelbrecht took time to ensure details were completed on the boat prior to leaving South Africa. This assistance was outside the "delivery agreement" and greatly assisted us with some unfinished details.

Captain Engelbrecht communicated with us at every opportunity. We were always advised of his current location, the performance of the boat and any issues that he encountered while under way. This was a great sense of comfort for us.

Captain Engelbrecht also took time to assist us in learning about our boat and the systems aboard.

We would not hesitate to use Mr. Engelbrecht again for a yacht delivery.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Steve Walsh
Anne Walsh

Hi Ian,

Just a short note from Angie & myself as we wind up our affairs in South Africa before moving to New Zealand.

We both believe we were very fortunate in appointing you as our preferred rebuilder of our Wildcat. The work list was long & rather daunting & I do know that I am fussy & often unnecessarily particular yet in all this time we never had any confrontational issues.

It always amazed us that you have this extremely extensive knowledge of all things boating; be it Fibreglassing, Plumbing, Electrical, Electronics, Navigation, Rigging, Engines--the list is endless and your assistance and advice to "us greenhorns" was always freely given and always much appreciated by us.

What was really satisfying to us was the quality of the workmanship & the attention to detail. You have really transformed a very tatty boat into a really pretty boat and we are both very grateful to you and your team for all your efforts.

Please feel free to use us as a reference for any future clients we are sure you will get.

We both look forward to you & Ibi delivering our new boat safely to us in New Zealand after the Cape Town Boat Show.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and Ibi.

With very best regards



Just some short notes to thank you for all the assistance the past year and the delivery of my Leopard 38 from Cape Town to Port Owen during December 2007.

I met Ian in January 2007 after the purchase of my Leopard 38 "Time Out". Initially he helped me with a complete above and below water survey of the vessel. Since then I've contacted him several times for advice and he was always very knowledgeable and helpful. During December 2007 Ian and Ibi assisted me with a very pleasant delivery from Cape Town to Port Owen.

I can truly say that after working with several people in the yachting industry in Cape Town, that Ian was definitely the most professional, knowledgeable, efficient and helpful.


Tom Marais