France to South Africa on a Lagoon 390
Captain Ian Engelbrecht

I have been operating Worldwide Yacht Deliveries for 17 years and have therefore delivered many vessels including new and used Lagoons. Due to this we have been aware of the many changes the Lagoon yachts have been through. Therefore I was very happy to accept the delivery of a brand new Lagoon 390 from Ocean 7 in South Africa. The voyage would be France to Cape Town, South Africa. I was very eager to see the new design innovations of this vessel.

On handover of the yacht in France we had the usual good service and backup from Oliver. The aft stepped mast and huge volume for a 39 foot catamaran was noticeable immediately. I found the vessel very well appointed. The layout of the saloon I enjoyed. This particular Lagoon was very high spec with generator, air conditioners, radar, ais, deep freeze, 2000 watt inverter and so forth.

On our second day at sea we already got to test the Lagoon 390 as a storm built up to an eventual 45 knots on our stern with very steep waves. Reefed down to a storm jib the vessel handled this well with no hint of a broach. The waves were so steep that I was hesitant to turn beam on to them to enter into La Coruna, Spain, so we "worked" our way to port slowly during the smaller wave sets. This route to South Africa is long and difficult heading into wind and current in the southern hemisphere, so we got to test this vessel well in all conditions. We encountered one more storm of 40 knots, three of 35 knots and on approach to South Africa a huge one of 50 knots with a large wave fetch.

All in all this is my opinion of the new Lagoon 390 catamaran. The vessel is fast, strong, seaworthy, broach resistant and very comfortable. I think the design is very marketable. On the constructive criticism side I have to say I far prefer rigs of previous models being placed further forward and I'd far prefer the propellers to be placed in front of the rudders. I cannot see any noticeable sailing difference in them being placed aft of the rudders but I do see a noticeable difference it makes negatively in motoring. Having said all that our opinion of the Lagoon factory and yachts and agents is very high.

Kind regards

Captain Ian Engelbrecht